The Black Dog Polo Team was founded in Southeast Asia in the year 2006.

Expedition Cup Champions -- Black DogTHE TEAM
The Black Dog Polo Team is diverse and unique. They sometimes employ the use of skill, but more often pure tenacity and heart to achieve their objectives on the field. The team is proudly sponsored by
NUT POWDER and most members are full believers in the liberal application of this soothing product before striding onto the field. The Black Dog Team does not always win, but sometimes they do. Their more famous victories were under the command of Cabeza Grande in the "Expedition Cup 2007," the "Midnight Cup" played under the lights at midnight on the VR Polo Field, the "Triple Corona" (triple crown) victory in Central Argentina 2009, and under Lucas Lujan, the "Celebration Cup 2010" and the infamous "Goat Cup 2011." The team has the special assignment of testing and approving polo equipment produced by ARGENTINA POLO. The team has featured a long line of interesting polo players over the years -- like the famous Thai Polo Player Eric Butter inventor of the sanfter schlag, Jamie Woodward former Captain of the British Army polo team, and Cabeza Grande the first Gaucho in Thailand. (Daniel, Gustavo, Tom, Noo -- Expedition Cup Champions 2007)


Jamie Woodward - Captain-at-large
Eric Barthe - Minister of Defense
Gustavo Yanez - Cabeza Grande
Tom Claytor - Special Operations
Warren Claytor - Team Architect
Vichai Rakrsriaksorn - Executioner
Top & Tal Raksriaksorn - Specialists
Henry Rourke - Minister of Interference
Daniel Yanez - Surgical Procedures
Pepperoni - El Campeon de La Vida
Lucas Lujan - El Mas Caballero
Santy Lujan - El Mas Peligroso
Nico Curto - Indonesian Commander
Iman Kusumo - Chairman IPA
Gusy - King's Cup Commander
Khun No - Yes or No
Khun Tumb - Camperito
Khun Bung - Fast Forward
Khun Tsu - The Rock
Khun Ploy - Special Missions Advisor
Federico von Potobsky - "Filly"
William Roberts - Offensive Coordinator
Paiboon - Secret Weapon
Scott Stevens - Attache
Santos Anca - Terramoto
Churo - Rompe las Pelotas
Khun Chatchaya - Boss
Eduardo Benavidez - Tactician
Khun Worawoot - Manager
Marco Foccacia - Participant
Acep - Indonesia Attache
Billy - Indonesia Attache
Bruno Zoppi - Polo Escape Envoy
Gerry Gan - Singapore Specialist
Aron Harilela - Hong Kong Attache
John Wong - New Years Victor
Tomi Lockey - Ferocious Farrier
Jose - Comechingones Vet
Nyata - Round Table Founder
Dave Floyd - Coach & Fighter Pilot
Krittika Toumtong - Manager 2010
Agustin Andrada - Paisano Campeon
Peter Davies - Offical Dog Owner
Rodrigo Zabala - Caballero
Fernando Ponsa - Team Pilot
Ang Ban Tong - Mandarin Specialist
Dino - Chopard Attack Member
Agus Gombong - Kopassus
Mischa Germelmann - Koteka Spezialist
James Beam - Hong Kong Envoy
Anto Menard - La Manifestacion
Santy Galland - Mitaviter
Philip Cayford - British Counsel
Max Sukkhasantikul - Arabian Emissary
Russel Tyre - Investment Strategist
Natthapong Pratumlee - Skydiver
Edward Batchelor - Bangkok Terrier
Jonathan - KP Gold Cup Bronze
Anil Abraham - Malaysian All Asian
Stijn Welkers - China Beach Specialist
Manav Futnani - Chennai Envoy
Joaquin Rosales - Splendid Effort

Rodrigo Zabala - In full flight 2011

International Translations of "Black Dog"

Ma Dam (Thai)
Ruchi Nop (Dzongkha)
Anjing Hitam (Indonesian)
Kwey Na (Burmese)
Chau Den (Vietnamese).
Mbwa Nyusi (Swahili)
Perro Negro (Spanish)
Chien Noir (French)
Schwarzer Hund (German)
Zwarte Hond (Dutch)
ChorNaYa ZaBaKa (Russian)
Asong Itim (Tagalog)
Hey GoOh (Mandarin)
Kuroi Inu (Japanese)
Gumun Gae (Korean)
Kelb Aswad (Arabic)
Kaala Kutta (Hindi)
Har NaHau (Mongolian)
Sageh Siah (Farsi)
Chi Nagpo (Tibetan)
ChKai Kamau (Khmer)
Kali Kukur (Nepali)*

(Oct 2015) Captain Woodward has informed the team that there will be a new CEO and team mascot for the 2016 season. The Black Dog team has had a number of prominent Black Dogs representing them on the side of the field over the years. The character of the dog is most important in dictating the strategy of the team. Woodward informs us that Tonto is of good stock -- steady and robust -- and a brilliant tactician. Time will tell as we follow the team through the 2016 season.
The Black Dog team has established an airwing to attempt to intimidate and distract the enemy during the 2014 season. It is not known if any polo team has ever used these tactics before, but for the beleaguered Black Dog team, they often resort to subterfuge and clandestine measures when necessary.

"Black Dog Salute" to honor James Ashton in 2016


(Oct 2011) - Top female Argentine players LIA SALVO and MUMY BELANDE (pictured right) join the advisory board of the Black Dog Team during the Women's International Tournament held at the Singapore Polo Club in 2011. Lia Salvo is one of Argentina's rising female players in the world of
Women's Polo -- It is an honor to have these fine ladies advising the team on expeditionary and tactical matters. (Feb 2016) - Argentine Professional CAMILA ROSSI (pictured left) joins the Black Dog Aerobatic Team during the Ladies International in 2016. Her dad flies a Baron in Argentina, and she is a keen pilot.


Henry Captaining the Black Dog Team in the League 2009

The Original Black Dog Team -- Argentine Ambassador's Cup 2006
The Original Black Dog Team - Ambassador Cup 2006

Black Dog training for England appearance summer 2011

(8-9 May 2015) - The Black Dog team was called to face the entire Korean nation on the summer of 2015. There were 3 Korean teams each with a gaucho. The Black Dog team was in raw form without any gaucho. Team Captain, Eric Barthe, was dismounted early in the second chukka of Day 1. The team had the choice of continuing with a reserve player (but they could not win) or to carry on with only 3 players. The team, composed as they are, elected to play on as 3, and play on they did. They scored 3 quick goals, and shocked the opposing team with only a 1/2 goal difference. The gaucho on the Korean team had to call in a Papal favor to control the Black Dog juggernaut that had been unleashed. It was an amazing display of fortitude, but our beleaguered team was soundly defeated by the fortified Korean teams.
Philip Cayford -- Special British counsel to the Black Dog TeamBLACK DOG IN ENGLAND
(Jul 2011) - The Black Dog Team was invited to the inaugural tournament at Gadbridge Polo Farm near Windsor, England for the summer of 2011. Peter Davies and Eric Barthe were in attendance. It was a very close contest against King Power, but the power of Marcos DiPaola on the King Power team tipped the balance and the dog team lost by one goal. Gadbridge Farm position -- N51*28.98' x W000*43.27' -- Philip Cayford, Esq. is presented with an official Black Dog shirt in commemoration of his appointment as Special British Counsel to the Black Dog Team. Captain Philips has spent considerable time behind enemy lines and is a lover of fine English sports cars and Black Dogs.
(Mar 2011) - "Black Goat" was in the final against the Goat National Team. This was a battle to decide the fate of a young goat that was being fattened by the gauchos for an asado. However, the Black Goat team had a secret weapon that they called into action in the final hour -- Khun Vichai Rakriaksorn came out of a 4 month retirement to put on a Black Goat shirt and lead the Black Goat team to a complete and thorough victory over the Goat National Team. After the final bell, when the Black Goat team stood on the winners podium, Khun Vichai declared, "Don't eat the goat."

(May 2011) - J.B. Lee graciously hosted the Black Dog team at his club in Jeju, Korea. The team met with success and claimed an exciting victory with JB dismounting a black dog in the final minutes of play by hard defensive perseverance. Black Dog was representing Thailand in Korea's Invitational Tournamennt -


(12 Dec 2010) - The Black Dog team has won the Celebration Cup. Everyone is in shock with disbelief.... including the players. Celebration Cup Champions - Eric Barthe, Lukas Lujan, Gerry Gan, Tom Claytor with team managers Krittika Toumtong, Jasmina Lujan, and Daniel Yanez. The Black Dog team had not won a game the entire season, and then 2.5 goals down in the final chukka, the Black Dogs came back and defeated Rhinos with a 40 yard penalty shot from Lucas Lujan at the final bell. It was truly unbelievable in the truest spirit of the Black Dog team.


(October 2009) - The Black Dog Team wins the Triple Crown in Argentina -- Paisano Tournament (Rio Cuarto), Concaran Handicap Tournament (San Luiz), Comechingones Primavera Tournament (Villa Dolores) -- This constitutes more victories attained in a one month period than in the entire history of the Black Dog Team. With honor and thanks to our Captains: Agustin Andrada, Gustavo Yanez, Federico von Potobsky, and with special thanks to our friends Nicolas Pieroni, Gustavo Yanez, Don Pepe Polo Farm, Canchi, Juan, Agustin Andrada, Paisano Polo Club, and Eduardo Benavidez. Thanks also to the River Plate Argentine Football Club and to Flaca for the fine and assorted Black Dog shirts assembled behind enemy lines and under duress in Rio Cuarto.

Gustavo Yanez, Federico von Potobsky, Santy Lujan, Tom Claytor
Comechingones Polo Club, Argentina 2009


(26nov2009) - The prestigious and honorable Radnor Hunt Club in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA will be conducting a ceremony entitled "Blessing of the Dogs" on Thanksgiving Day, 26 November 2009. Team Architect of the Black Dogs and Whipper-in of the Radnor Hunt, Mr. Warren Ingersoll Claytor, Esq., has offered to include the entire Black Dog Team during this year's official Blessing of the Hounds. The Rector of the First City Troop Calvary of Philadelphia will be offering the blessing in assembly with honorary officers of the Calvary.Black Dog with Terramoto Santos




Black Dog History was made during the January 2008 playing of the Combination Cup. This was the first time in polo history that the Black Dog team was ever able to defeat VR Polo Team with Cabeza Grande and Khun Vichai. The event occurred on the final day of the Combination Cup at VR polo field under the command of Santos Anca (aka Terramoto) with final score of 4-3. The team was very grateful for the timely ringing of the final bell. (Terramoto Santos, Tom, Coach Eduardo, Daniel, Camperito)

Camel Polo in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia.MONGOLIAN CAMEL EXPEDITION
In February 2008, Black Dog was invited to play Camel Polo for Team Mongolia in the Gobi Desert. The temperature was -20*C and the team claimed victory over China, but suffered frigid members.

In January 2008, BLACK DOG had a successful appearance in the 8-12 goal King's Cup playing as TEAM USA and lost to Dubai and Thailand, but enjoyed themselves tremendously. In 2007 the team appeared at The Ambassador Cup at SIAM POLO PARK (15-17 November 2007) under Woodward's command. William had exceptional form on the penalty hits (not missing a single one), and Tom and Eric were pleased with the team's performance. There was very stiff competition from Polo Escape, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Thai National Team. The Black Dog Team was invited to play the Thai National Team in preparation for SEA games 6-15 Dec 2007 in which Thailand received a Bronze Medal. Accounts are published on --


Black Dog with Nut Powder
Camperito, Nyata, Churo, Tom
Thanking the Team Sponsor "Nut Powder"

The benefits of Nut Powder could not be more clearly demonstrated than by a recent 9-4 defeat that the Black Dog Team suffered. Only one member of the team scored any goals, and he was the only member who had honored the team tradition of "whacking on" a dose of Nut Powder before the first chukka -- a true testimony indeed this splendid product --


The Black Dog Team presented with a basket of Black Dogs after losing on 08 Dec 2008.

In 2008, Black Dog competed in the Thai Polo League 2008 and finished in 4th place out of 5 teams. They were honored to have coach Dave and manager Worawoot on board. (William, TBlack Dog in England -- summer 2008om, Eric, Paiboon, Dave, Worawoot)

In the summer of 2008, the Black Dog team was invited by King Power to play in England. Team architect Warren Claytor traveled from USA to coach the team, and Khun Top was recruited to lead the attack. This was Khun Top's first appearance on the Black Dog team, and he guided Black Dog to victory over Cabeza Grande's team. The team always enjoys defeating Cabeza Grande, whatever team he is on.

In August 2008, the Black Dog team was invited by General Prabowo Subianto to play against the Indonesia National Team at Nusantara Polo Club in Jakarta. Most of the Dogs were on vacation, so the team was bravely captained by Churo Pellegrini from the Nine Dragons Expeditionary Polo Team in China. He brought with him specialist Gerry Gan from Singapore and the young Indonesians Acep and Billy rounded out the team. We learned that Anjing Hitam means Black Dog in Bahasa Indonesia, and the Indonesians destroyed the Black Dog team, but we had a lot of fun. Thank you Nusantara for a wonderful weekend (2-3 August). (Billy, Gerry, Acep, Churo, Tom -- Nusantara Polo Club)



Khun Ploy modeling a Black Dog hat with Gaucho PepperoniSome of the Black Dog advisorsTACTICAL ADVISORS
The Black Dog team has a long list of strategists -- some of them more knowledgeable than others -- and young ladies are always welcome to advise the team on expeditionary and field maneuvers.


Black Dog Team members often employ tactics derived from the Elephant Polo Field.